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Kick your party up a notch with a professional Temporary Tattoo Artist, Balloon Twisting Artist and / or Face Painting Artist

Air Brush Tattoos - An Unforgettable party when your guests leave with wearable party art!

Airbrush Tattoos are the best way to get "inked" without spooky needles, pain or permanence. Our Parent Approved airbrush tattoos can be removed quickly and easily. Your party lasts longer when your guests leave with wearable art that can last for several days.

How? Tell me more, more more!

After your guest selects a tattoo design, colors and placement, the artist will use an airbrush gun and stencil to spray the tattoo directly onto the skin. We use safe, high-quality paints available in 9 colors (including pink and purple – a favorite among younger girls). The entire process takes only a few seconds. Each artist is able to airbrush about 30 or more full-color tattoos per hour. We believe in providing high-quality fun that your guests will enjoy long after the event is over. Our professionally applied airbrush tattoos will stay beautiful for 2-7 days, depending on where you choose to place it and how you care for it afterwards. To remove our non-toxic, made with cosmetic-grade ingredients tattoos, just rub the tattoo with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. Our tattoos are kid friendly. Likewise, depending upon the type of event, we have a No Lift-Up, No Push-Down policy: If the customer has to lift up or push down an item of clothing, the tattoo will not be applied there.

Balloon Twisting By Kayleigh

Party Central Inc. is pleased to introduce Ballon Twisting by Kayleigh! No clown costumes here, Kayleigh takes balloon artistry to another level with balloon sculptures created to impress. Balloon animals and much more. Yep, Kayleigh takes balloon requests plus the added bonus: Her balloon animals have had all their shots and they don't bite. Kayleigh is great for kids parties or any sized event.

Face Painting

Don't be surprised if your pAAAAARRRRty is taken over by Pirates ARRRRR! And Zombies! Pink Kittens and Lions may have to save the day! Face Painting by Party Central Inc. ProFACEionals will give even more character and characters to your next party!